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California Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

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Get your California Real Estate Continuing Education Materials Today!

We offer the best state-of-the-art California real estate continuing education packages available today. Study your materials your way:

  • Attend a 45-Hour Optional Review

  • Read from your textbook

  • Read from a CD-Rom

We offer 5 unique real estate license renewal packages that will meet the BRE and/or your business requirements.

Please select from one of the following license renewal options:


Optional Review

Correspondence Course


Real Estate License Renewals

The California real estate license renewal process can be confusing at best. The Bureau of Real Estate has specific renewal requirement for all licensees. Duane Gomer, Inc. is here to help you select the correct course materials, and we offer the best real estate license courses that are time efficient as well as affordable.

To complete your California real estate license renewal, you need to fulfill your continuing education requirements. It's important that you take all the courses that you need to meet all of the California real estate renewal requirement.

All icensees are required to complete 45-hour of renewal credits.

Duane Gomer's California real estate renewal courses provide you with all the materials and final exams you need to renew your California real estate license. With time being so scarce, it's easy to overlook your license renewal date and fall into a 2 year grace period. Duane Gomer, Inc. can help you complete the entire BRE license renewal procedure.

Duane Gomer's California real estate courses offer the best state-of-the-art real estate license renewal packages available today. For your convenience, our California real estate continuing education courses are available as textbook courses, CD-rom courses, or attend a 45-Hour Optional Review course with on-site final exams with our proctor.

California Real Estate Continuing Education Materials

Select the study method that best fits your lifestyle:

  • Study the traditional way with a printed textbook, including practice quizzes that may be similar to the actual final exam questions.

  • Study with our Textbook-on-CD. Just insert the CD-rom into a convenient computer. It's our textbook with other features, and weighs practically nothing.

  • Attend an optional 45-Hour review. You'll receive the textbook in advance. You'll complete five 3-credit-hour exams at the site, and complete the remaining 2 final exams on our website.

Duane Gomer, Inc. real estate license courses are perfect for people that work from home or from their office. You may study the traditional method with a printed textbook with review questionsat the end of each chapter. Then, take the online final exam.

Try our new Textbook-on-CD, where you can take the CD with you anywhere and just insert it into a convenient computer. Then, take the online final exam.

Attend one of our "45-Hour Optional Review & Group Testing" sessions at a location near you. You will receive your textbook or CD-rom in advance of the schedule course. At the session, you'll complete 15-hours of final exams. You'll complete the remaining 2 exams on our web site for an additional 30 hours of credit over the next two days.


Our friendly and knowledgeable Education Associates are available to assist you with your concerns. Call us at 1-800-439-4909, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with any questions about BRE requirements or your own personal situation. It would be our pleasure to assist you every step of the way to a successful renewal.

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